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The mayor of Portland took to the streets with the conductors and suffocated from tear gas

TED WHEELER, the mayor of Portland, has repeatedly sharply criticized Trump’s decision to send federal police to his city. Wheeler accused federal forces of “monstrously” exaggerating the use of force. Portland police said protests against racism and police violence escalated after clashes with security forces and the dumping of incendiary material on a court building. […]

The Belarusian president is threatening foreign journalists, telling them to follow the harvest

BELARUSIAN President Alexander Lukashenko has threatened to expel foreign journalists he accused of inciting protests against him ahead of the August presidential election and urged them to focus on writing about the harvest instead of protesting. Lukashenko, 65, known as “Europe’s last dictator”, faces the biggest challenges in his rule. Anger is growing in the […]

Table of infected, dead and cured by country – July 23, 2020

SITUATION AS ON JULY 23 IN THE WORLD AND CROATIA. (Data source: koronavirus.hr and Worldometers) Number of cases in Croatia according to available data Number of cases in the world Number of cases in the world Number of new cases per day in the world Distribution of cases of infection worldwide The text continues below […]

VIDEO China launches its first rover on Mars

A CHINESE rover that took off from Earth to Mars this morning as part of the first such mission in China’s history will explore the geology of the Red Planet there, reports the BBC. The six-wheeled robot was launched in a protective probe from the Wenchang space station on the Long March 5 rocket, and […]

Trump: Wash your hands – Index.hr

US President Donald Trump has said he agrees that his son Barron and grandchildren should return to school, arguing that schools should be opened despite concerns by many that it could cause the spread of coronavirus infection. Trump’s pressure to reopen schools has not abated even amid a sharp rise in deaths across the country, […]